Cute and Small Feminine Tattoo Ideas

Cute and Small Feminine Tattoo IdeasGetting a tattoo for the first time can be tough for anyone so most people like to go for small and cute ones. These small feminine tattoos can be simple yet intricate and can be well put on body part such as ankle, foot or wrist. Some people say small tattoos are boring but I have to disagree, if you get the right tattoo it can be very colorful and unique. My first tattoo was a small star on the side of my belly when I was 17, then I added more designs and stars later on.

Tattoos have become very popular these days, like a beautiful art work on your body. However, I have to say, picking the right tattoo for your body is a very crucial step because who would want to spend thousands of dollars for tattoo removal process anyway? Make sure that the tattoo you're choosing is the one you're not going to regret 2 months later so getting a small tattoo first can help out alot. Here are couple of ideas for your tattoo in case you don't know what to get:

Tribal Tattoo
Cute and Small Feminine Tribal TattoosAre you a trendy person or wanna be? Either one, you need to check out tribal tattoo which is definitely a hot trend. For me, tribal tattoos give your body that sexy, yet creative artful look which can have various meanings come along as well. One of the more popular tribal tattoo is the Celtic, designs are colorful, complex with interlacing patterns, animal forms, and various symbols. Most of the time you see big design on arm or shoulder but a small wrist tattoos or ankle tattoos would be sexy.

Rose Tattoo
Cute and Small Feminine Rose TattoosAs women, we love roses, as it represent many things about us. Now, I haven't get any rose tattoo on my body but I have many friends who in fact obsess with the rose tattoo. Rose tattoos are really sexy on a women either black and grey or colored. It is also the most preferred flower because of its timeless beauty and meaning. It's a good way to start your tattoo body art with a small flower tattoo on your wrist or ankle or foot. As a matter of fact, I need to get myself a rose tattoo very soon.

Butterfly Tattoo
Cute and Small Feminine Butterfly TattoosAnother popular one in the feminine tattoo gallery is the butterfly tattoo. A butterfly often resemble characteristic of a women, lighthearted, soft, beautiful, delicate. Sometime, it symbolizes transformation, rebirth, beauty, happiness or a new life. Its bright and multicolored wings is what give it its beauty. When it comes to sexy tattoos, the butterfly is considered to be the most flexible because it can be modified and personalized to capture one's taste and preference. Collection of thousands of butterfly tattoo designs for you to decide on.

Star Tattoo
Cute and Small Feminine Star TattoosFourth in the countdown is the star tattoo design. I personally has star tattoo designs on my lower abs because I think the star tattoos are really sexy not for only women but also for men. Stars are often a symbol of accomplishment, success or reaching one's ultimate fate and destiny. Stars represent the symbol of accomplishment, fate, destiny and success in life. Those popular star tattoos are Nautical star tattoos, Shooting star tattoos, Moon star tattoos.

Heart Tattoo
Cute and Small Feminine Heart TattoosThe heart is the one of the most recognized symbol in the world today. Love is always a hot topic since the beginning of human revolution. Heart tattoos are not only fashionable but also a way for people to communicate their love in a artful way. It is a really sexy design and can be added to your body art painting to make it more colorful and alive.

Getting a tattoo is something that you need to think of really carefully before putting that ink on your body. Make sure you getting a great tattoo collections to choose from instead of just getting some regular tattoo in the tattoo shops because you might regret it later. Not only wasting you time, money but it's frustrated to see that same tattoo that you don't like rest of your life even though tattoo removal is an option but don't think about it. Think, does the tattoo you're getting fit your body, your style, your personality?

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